Unique technology to secure your mobile life

 Connect to Wi-Fi safely, anywhere

 Shield your device from a hostile takeover

 Stop ransomware attacks

Protect your device from attacks.

You protect your computer from viruses, but what about your smartphone?

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security allows you to connect to public Wi-Fi networks without worries. You can also be sure that you haven’t downloaded any type of malware. Don’t let them take over your mobile life. Your personal information is yours and must remain only yours.

zone alarm

Connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots safely

Secure your device from fake Wi-Fi hotspots around you. ZoneAlarm will rank available Wi-Fi so you can shop, bank and enjoy your favorite social media while ensuring your credentials are not compromised.

The most trusted technology in your hands

Hackers know that traditional security solutions for mobile devices do not detect vulnerabilities in networks and operating systems - get secured today!

1 Year Protection



2 Year Protection



Simply download, enter your serial number & you're protected!