Cyber Security

Online Protection

Keep your network protected & your files safe from online intruders. 

Managed & Secure WIFI

Work with our staff of professionals to design, implement, and manage secure wireless networks for your staff, visitors, patrons or the public. 


While Security is key when designing a wireless network, performance and ease-of-use are just as important to your users. We can achieve all 3 with the latest devices and industry best practices. 

Next-Gen Firewall

Next-Gen Firewalls[NGFW], AKA Unified Threat Management Firewalls[UTM], are the next evolution in network protection and will secure a business against present and future cyberthreats. They feature access to up-to-the-minute global threat assessments, better visibility into network traffic and advanced threat modelling. Unlike traditional firewalls, which rely on defined policies, UTMs adapt dynamically to emerging and 0-Day threats through a combination of machine learning, global threat modelling and heuristics.